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Thanksgiving is the one day when fowl language is acceptable.

Happy Turkey Day

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Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

I wanted to dust off the ol’ drawing pad and briefly come out of hiding to wish you all a wonderful holiday.

In addition to my grandmother, random strangers, and a familiar sports mblog poster, The White Boy and Monkey have also been bugging me about getting the comics back up and running. Your pleas and shout-outs have not gone unheard, I assure you.


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kristineWell, today I’m off to Hawaii for a conference and to finally relax at home for a bit. I’m nervous about leaving The White Boy to his own devices, but I’m sure he’ll be fine.  The freezer is stocked with frozen pizzas and the fridge has all the ingredients for sandwiches. Am I afraid of The White Boy using my oven? yes.

Hopefully I’ll be able to update on the usual Tuesdays and Thursdays while I’m away, but the timing may be thrown off with the time difference. Lucky you, I was able to make some comics for a mini storyline rather than leave you with a comic filler.  Though I may have to stick one in for the day The White Boy and I get back. I doubt I’ll make time for comic’ing while I’m relaxing on the beach.



kristineYes, I’m going to a conference in Hawaii next week.  I’m excited to finally be going home. The conference is a great reason to go, so now I feel like I’m actually working while I’m taking my vacation. It’s a win-win situation. I think the last time I was home was for Christmas! That’s much much too long.

Also, I don’t know who else has a mind-numbing fear of jellyfish, but the White Boy can’t get them out of his head.  I lived in Hawaii for years and never once got stung by a jellyfish or a man-of-war.  Now sharks on the other hand, they’ll definitely eat your face.  The jellyfish fear has never stopped him from bounding into the ocean, but I’m sure he’s just waiting for the day when he gets stung and can finally tell me “I told you so”.

I have a series of comics I’d like to get done before I leave for home since I’d hate to leave the comic hanging.  Hopefully I can get those done before Tuesday and avoid putting up any lame comic fillers…though Biff the Wolverine has been bugging me lately for another chance to strut his stuff…he’s such an attention whore.



kristineThe White Boy eats, drinks, and breaths Michigan football. To completely deny him any Michigan incorporation into our wedding would be crueler than cruel. I’d imagine it would be similar to telling me that I wasn’t allowed to have a wedding cake – it’s not a wedding without a cake!

That said, there will be something “Michigan-y” incorporated, I just haven’t decided what.

Things vetoed so far: Michigan Banner, Michigan Marching Band, RichRod as the priest, Tate Forcier as the DeeJay, Barwis as the groom, and The Victors as our song.

I’m sure the list will grow.

It’s not so bad


kristineThe White Boy is determined to instill his love for fall in me so he made me pick apples and stuffed me full of apple cider and warm donuts.  Then he took me for a drive around the city to look at the changing leaf colors…*sigh*…maybe it’s not so bad.

I also busted out my comfy pj pants the other night, which was quite nice.

On another note: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is Mr. Mike Barwis, you are in desperate need of some learning. Mike Barwis is not only one sexy piece of man,but he also makes the football games bearable during those boring moments.  Finding him in the sea of maize and blue is like a Michigan where’s waldo. I call it: Barwis Hunt.

Educate yourselves: Here and here.

Fall Fail


kristineOk, before you get your panties in a bunch and tell me “oh, but fall is so beautiful!”, I’ll admit that I don’t actually HATE the fall.

I have been looking forward to snuggling into warm pajamas at night, going apple picking, drinking cider and eating warm donuts. There are fantastic things that accompany the fall season, but I HATE….HATE being cold.

I’ve been able to handle the Michigan winters these past few years, but it doesn’t mean I look forward to it.  Fall is just the welcome mat to the horrible season of winter.  It’s like mother nature is priming you for the retched freezing temperatures that make you want to burn yourself alive.

I’m not bitter.  I just love the warm.