It's not so bad

It’s not so bad

kristineThe White Boy is determined to instill his love for fall in me so he made me pick apples and stuffed me full of apple cider and warm donuts.  Then he took me for a drive around the city to look at the changing leaf colors…*sigh*…maybe it’s not so bad.

I also busted out my comfy pj pants the other night, which was quite nice.

On another note: For those of you who are unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is Mr. Mike Barwis, you are in desperate need of some learning. Mike Barwis is not only one sexy piece of man,but he also makes the football games bearable during those boring moments.  Finding him in the sea of maize and blue is like a Michigan where’s waldo. I call it: Barwis Hunt.

Educate yourselves: Here and here.

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  • I DO wish I had Barwis taped to my wall. You KNOW the Barwis claims are true if it's on teh interwebz. Besides, just by the sound of his voice, you know he chews batteries for shits and giggles.

  • You WISH you had Mike Barwis taped to your wall.

    I did some reading up on Mike Barwis and learned some interesting things about him. For instance, did you know Mike Barwis is the only man Chuck Norris is afraid of? Did you also know he doesn't chew sunflower seeds; he chews AA batteries? Those are just a couple of the many surprising and amazing facts I've learned about Mike Barwis. They must be true because I read them on teh Intarwebz.

    Mike Barwis.

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